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Biggle and Bee

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Biggle and Bee is a cute children's story with a good moral message. The story follows Biggle, a young inexperienced groundhog who finds himself lost and alone in the wilderness. Soon Biggle stumbles upon Bee, a newly hatched gosling. Bee had been taken by a sly old fox and buried in the ground for safe keeping. When Biggle discovers Bee, he realizes that he must forgive Bee's parents, who couldn't see passed their "ugly" differences and had bullied Biggle and his mama. Nonetheless, Biggle must try and return Bee to his family through many dangers. Along the way, they learn what bullies really are; not to judge others by what they look like; and how to gain a little trust in one another and those around them. This is a touching story of love, self-confidence, strength of character and good old fashion cuteness.

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