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Qi lái!: Arise!

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“In my section of the front there are no casualties!”
“But it is said that this section is among the most heavily fought for?” said one of the friends.
“But this does not alter the facts,” said Dr. Weng. Together with Dr. Weng we marched to the seat of some army corps where we were to be presented to the general of this unit. Of course we visited the corps hospital that was—as so often—situated in a large temple. And lo and behold—in this vast building there was not a single wounded soldier. Dr. Weng enjoyed his triumph: “Didn’t I tell you? There are no wounded!” We saw a vast number of plank-beds, nicely covered with blankets— and not a single patient.
“What a strange sort of war,” said one of the friends.
“What a strange medical service,” said another one.

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