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Don't Step on the Dirt

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There is the normal way to get to a wedding held three time zones away. And there’s the Ryan-Elson way. When his youngest sister announces she’s getting married in Indiana, Ryan, already unemployed, packs up his trusty car Clyde to make the journey. Never forgetting to tell the roadside cows his final destination, Ryan camps his way across the American West, stopping at national parks, monuments, memorials, tribal parks, and natural landmarks.

Making sure to purchase as many coffee mugs as possible for his girlfriend and relishing his time away from her two ornery cats, Ryan weathers a thunderstorm in South Dakota, encourages (and discourages) weary hikers in Zion National Park, discusses the finer points of parking and used bookstores in Arizona, tries to avoid stepping on the dirt in Utah, and takes note of the absurdities that abound across our vast country, both in reality, and in his mind. Chocked full of hilarious anecdotes and amusing historical tales, Don’t Step on the Dirt will change the way you take your next road trip.

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