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The Adventures of Austin Girl and the Legend of Diablo

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THE ADVENTURES OF AUSTIN GIRL AND THE LEGEND OF DIABLO is a quirky adventure fantasy, upper middle grade novel, set present day in the Ordinary World of the fictional town, Checkered Past, Texas and the New World, Planet Disco. The story features, heroine Austin Girl, a dispirited thirteen-year-old, girl-next-door who grows up without parents. Desperate for a car, she works at her eccentric Grandpa Lucky’s antique store part-time.

The plot shifts into first gear when the story’s bumbling trickster, Tabby, goofs up her mission and kidnaps Grandpa Lucky, instead of locating a missing battle sword belonging to the villain, Diablo. Tabby scribbles a kidnap ransom note, leaving it behind for Austin Girl to find, and tosses the geezer in the back of a 1960 Chevy Pie Wagon. They fly back to Planet Disco where the old man endures the painful sounds of the 70’s, and the rotten stench of shag carpet and Turtle Wax.

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