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Orcs at the Gate 3
The Social Workshop

It started with a hazy green swathe being washed across the land. Soon, it became clear that it was orcs, nasty creatures that stood ten feet tall and were bred for war. They came without warning and destroyed the last bastion of humanity with little trouble. That was your home and now you’re stuck inside, having succumbed to the will of your overlords. Some fight back, others give in, but there is one trait they all share—fear. Everyone fears the orcs that now own these walls. Who will you be? Will you be the rebel that fights back against his green-skinned aggressor? Will you be loyalist that joins his orcish overlord? Will you be the thief that uses the disruption to their advantage? Or will you be the many others that struggle to survive this cruel new world?

In Orcs at the Gate: To the Pits, over players have lashed out against their orc overlords, and for their efforts, they’ve been thrown in the pits. It’s a dangerous place where one wrong move means the difference between life and death. All hope is not lost, because the king is here, too, and he has a plan. This expansion contains an updated manual for hosting games larger than before. It also has 3 brand-new archetypes.

Suggested Number of Players: 6 - 60
Playing Time: 1 Hour

Special Note: This Party Game is a standalone expansion and includes the full manual from the original game, plus updated character sheet. If you have or intended to purchase this game, it is not required that you purchase the original.

Published: Adrianna White on
ISBN: 9781301052028
List price: $3.99
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