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Deadly Submission - Episode 4 - The Finale (An Erotic Thriller)

46 pages48 minutes


Deadly Submission – Episode 4 The Finale
(The two-part finale has become one single book. Same story, less money!)

Jake and Giselle are captured, Muriel is in Nathan’s clutches and all hope seems lost. However, that is just the beginning of the end. There are new allies, new villains and somebody dies! Daring escapes, epic battles, unexpected twists and, of course, the hot, BDSM sex you’ve come to expect. Don’t miss the rousing and sexy ending to this epic tale.

This is what you’ve been waiting for, the climactic finale of the Submission series all rolled into one thrilling volume instead of two. Same story, less money. If you haven’t read Devious Submission get it for only 99 cents and enter the thrilling world of evil billionaires, sexy heroines and hot, steamy BDSM sex.

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