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The Black Tulip Conundrum

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Can you tell fact from fiction? Would you bet your life on it? The Black Tulip Conundrum will put you to the test.
Described by one reader as “required reading for conspiracy enthusiasts,” The Black Tulip Conundrum is a tale of international corruption and catastrophe that will test every reader’s ability to distinguish between the real and the imagined.
Set in the world of the day after tomorrow, this journey through the brave new worlds of nanotechnology, cyber-espionage and advanced android design has more twists and turns than the DNA double helix.
When science writer Nick Ruskin reconnects with his long-lost cousin Simon after a family funeral, Simon lets slip just enough information about his work at the World Science Institute in The Hague to pique Nick’s journalistic curiosity.
But when Nick sets out to write a magazine piece about the latest developments at the frontiers of scientific experiment, he finds himself caught up in a global chase to thwart an international criminal cartel before its members can get their hands on WSI secrets that could change the course of history.
Molecular manufacturing, bio-technology, even the creation of life itself ... how far can we go—and who is in control? Below the high-octane surface action, the vividly depicted heroes and villains of The Black Tulip Conundrum raise some probing questions. In modern society’s headlong rush for scientific advancement, to what extent can the end justify the means? More importantly, perhaps: what chance do good intentions have in the face of naked power, unbridled opportunism and rampant, insatiable greed?
This is “a page-clicker that holds you throughout,” says one reader, with “lashings of creamy gothic atmosphere and smart humor.” “A thoroughly entertaining read from start to finish,” says another. “I devoured it,” says a third, “and now my wife is doing the same.”

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