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Pueblo Mysteries

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Six short story mysteries involving the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico are combined here in one volume. They are also available as separate ebooks on

"Hunting Season" can turn the hunters into the hunted. When police think a shooting death of a Jemez Pueblo man is a hunting accident, it’s up to an Indian newspaper reporter to find out what really happened.

A sick, elderly Cochiti Pueblo man evades attempts to send him to a hospital. In "Missing," he chooses to go into the mountains to spend his final days. A sheriff’s deputy who has known him since boyhood is worried and goes looking for the old man.

A Tiwa tribal policeman is torn between the dominant society’s law and his own people’s beliefs when an Old One’s bones are discovered in "The Ancestor."

In "The Woman with a Rain Pot," a veteran of the U.S. war in Iraq who sacrificed a leg for his country becomes a detective. He must solve the year-old cold case of an anthropology student who was murdered while illegally digging for artifacts near Acoma Pueblo.

"To Steal What Is Sacred" explores the criminal trade in ancient, stolen Indian artifacts.

While excavating a 500-year-old pueblo ruin in 1934, an archaeology student sees spirits from the past that persuade him to rethink his career in "Shadows of a Lost Time."

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