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2012: The Real Story

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December 21, 2012 is around the corner. What’s in store for us? In 2012: The Real Story, clairvoyant and philosopher Walter Shelburne investigates the deep story of the 2012 phenomenon. Beyond the doom porn of apocalyptic earth changes and the spiritual and religious fantasies of ascension and rapture, there is the dawning of a new age of humankind. 2012 is an era of unparalleled transition for humanity that started in about 1990 and will continue until about 2020. We are living in a time of existential intensity. There is excitement, anticipation, the sense of an especially meaningful time and uncertainty, anxiety, and apprehension. There is a positive story for our future if we can learn to manage the existential crisis of humankind. To make this happen, we have to discern the true threats and challenges we face in the coming years from hype and fantasy. What role will alien disclosure play in the 2012 story?

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