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The Calling: Hostile Hearts 3

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From the bestselling author of popular short story series Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Files Psychic Series, and Ralph's Gift...

He wanted to save her--she ended up saving him!

In the sensual world of the elites, Nickolas is a game player. But he has more than the usual secrets up his sleeves and they are starting to unravel as the walls he's erected through the years crumbles, endangering Iliana.

The thing that he is protecting them from blindsides him. Losing control for a while, Nickolas' obsession with Iliana takes a turn for the worse. Iliana owns his heart and soul. What would he do when the dam breaks and she discovers his damning secrets?

He knows. He knows that not even her love for him could save his soul by then...

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READER ADVISORY: This story contains contents that some readers may find objectionable, including sex and erotic themes.


"DO you trust me?"
She stared at him and in the soft light; and his eyes glowed lustfully. He seemed... dangerous. She smiled. "Completely," she answered without hesitation.
He smiled wickedly, turned and opened the bedside drawer. Then he faced her again as he hid something behind his back.
"Let's try something new," he said, using his deepest, most seductive voice.
Then he threw something on the bed.
Some things.
Three black silk scarves.
Her heart started a faster rhythm of deep thuds.
"Turn around," he ordered softly. Without waiting he lifted her to sit with her back turned to him. He used one of the scarves to blindfold her eyes. She started to get breathless. A little fear coupled with excitement and electric fire warred inside her. She raised her hand to take it off; a reflex, but Nickolas stopped her.
"Don't be afraid," he whispered in her ear, and she felt his lips brushing her lobe.
Just like that, and the fear evaporated but for a thin shadow. She was not afraid of him. She was afraid of the unexpected, of what she didn't know. But she would never be afraid of Nickolas. Never anymore.
He laid her on her back, lifted her hands over her head, and tied them to the bed's iron side-bars, tight enough so that she couldn't get away but not too tight to hurt. She was uncomfortable because she felt helpless, and she tugged, trying to free herself.
"Sssshhhh... I will never hurt you. Relax, Kitty."
His hands smoothed her hair and traced her cheek, and he whispered sweet things to her ear until she stopped moving and her panting became the result of a different thing.
She was getting more and more surprised at herself by then. She couldn't see him; she couldn't move her hands... but there's lesser fear and more arousal now. The feeling of being completely in his mercy... not being able to do anything but wait... brought shivers of delight to her body. She quivered for his touch.
Whatever part of him.
Every part of him.

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