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Ready Reference Treatise: A Doll’s House

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The difference between “house” and “home” is one more significant theme which needs to be discussed. Nora and Torvald had a house and they had three children. In that house, Nora lived under the dictates of her husband, though he loved her very much and spoke very politely to her. She danced for him, she sang for him, and she performed tricks for him, but Torvald never tried to understand her as a human being. She was a kind of puppet performing tricks. The concept of home is different. Home is raised on the foundation of understanding, sharing, and mutual truthfulness. Nora was afraid to disclose the truth because she did not want to humiliate her husband and Torvald was not ready to compromise with his principle.

Through this we can say that the title “A Doll’s House” gives a perfect hint why Ibsen did not give it the title “A Doll’s Home”.

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