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Futan Vice: The Trouble On Drabble

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Tucked away in a remote corner in the basement of a large building, a man from Earth examines traffic patterns. This man’s name is Matt Cotter. He likes to be left alone. He likes his job. And he definitely likes being on his home planet.

But Matt Cotter can’t control everything he likes. For instance, maybe a being from another planet (an intelligent one at that (intelligent being not an intelligent planet)) visits Matt at work and invites him to a planet called Drabble.

And maybe, just maybe, that being wants Matt Cotter to help him solve a crime that hasn’t happened yet. Why would this being want that? Because Matt Cotter is so good at solving traffic problems by seeing patterns, he must be able to do the same with pre-crime.

Can Matt Cotter solve the case? There’s one way to know if he does. Think about it ... almost there. Yes! ... That’s how to find out!

Inspired by such classics as Doctor Who and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Desmond Shepherd delivers a story mixed with science fiction, mystery, and a little—make that a lot—of humor that solidifies him as one of the most mysterious, humorous, and science fictionous writers around.

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