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Succeeding with Difficult Professors and Tough Courses

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If you have concerns in college with your Professors or with a Tough Class -- EVER! Get this e-book. Dr. Koob touches on all the bases and gives it to you straight. He worked his way through four degrees -- Bachelors, two Masters, and a Doctorate. He also taught for twenty plus years in higher education at small and large universities.

Want to know how to work with a professor who is 'difficult? You might be surprised at what works. You might even be more surprised at what doesn't work. Get the inside information here. Improve your chances by improving your approach and communications with those tough teachers.

A tough class? We've all faced a few of these. This book contains the BEST information available. AND this stuff works. Often it IS about the grade. The question is whether you have what you need to get it -- learn to develop the right tools and skills to make it happen for YOU!

Easy to read, direct and to the point, the focus here is making the most of everything you can bring to the table to succeed.

This book is divided into two main sections: "Succeeding with Difficult Professors", e.g. Those professors, who for whatever reason, cause you concerns, upset, and/or perturbation. There can be many reasons for why you see them as difficult. Herein you will find ways to cope, succeed, and hopefully get the grade you want from them; and "Succeeding in Tough Classes" -- doing well in classes that are considered difficult (hard).

Ultimately the onus is always on YOU -- what you can do to make the situation better. Learn what it takes to get there.

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