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Brendhan's Fall

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Leah and Brendhan had a perfect marriage in many ways – they weren’t just husband and wife, they were truly best friends. Unfortunately, not everything was completely ideal. Although Leah loved Brendhan with all of her heart, she just wasn’t content in bed. No matter what she tried she just couldn’t reach satisfaction, and though she tried to ignore the disappointment she just couldn’t stop craving something more.

There was nothing that Brendhan wouldn’t do to keep his wife happy, and he couldn’t ignore how miserable her sexual frustration was making her. He didn’t like the idea of bringing another man into their marital bed, but if it meant getting his wife the satisfaction she so desperately craved then he was willing to do it. Though it tore his heart out to do so, he gave her permission to date another man – not just any man, either, but his most hated employee.

What Brendhan didn’t realize, though, was just how far Leah would be prepared to take things. It wouldn’t be enough to simply sleep with another man from time to time – she intended to fully humiliate, feminize, and domesticate her husband. Unfortunately for Brendhan, some doors are much easier to open than they are to shut.

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