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Lexi Tells All 100 Lucky Men Volume 2

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Hi, I’m Lexi. I'm your average 20 year old college student in small town USA. I'm in my first year of college. I like parties, fast cars, and chocolate. And oh yeah I'm gonna sleep with one hundred guys in the next year. Then I’m gonna tell all about it, the good, the bad, the ugly. No details spared, no quarter asked or given.
You see, I wasn't always like this. I was born Alexandra Jean, in a middle class neighborhood. My parents are regular hard working middle class professionals, dads a dentist, mom is his receptionist. I attended a catholic school, I graduated with honors. I moved in with my high school sweetheart.
Only ever been with just the one man. Yep, that’s right. One notch on the bedpost. Until I caught him cheating.
Now when I say I caught him, I mean I literally caught him. Bare ass naked, balls deep caught him. There he was screwing away, sweating, grunting like a crippled pig on top of one of the girls from the coffee shop down the street.
She was pretty in her own kinda way. Blonde hair, mid-size tits, big ass. But she did possess that one attribute that many men find so appealing... an empty head. The look on her face when I walked in was absolutely priceless, kind of a cross between deer in the head lights and bimbo in a horror movie when she realizes Freddie Kruger has her cornered. She was still protesting that Mike had told her we were broken up and that it wasn't her fault even as I was throwing her shit at her as she ran down the hallway.
Then it was Mike's turn. He sputtered, he protested, he laughed, and then he got mean. I for my part started out crazy mad, then went to crying and culminated with blind rage...right about the same time he got mean.
She wasn't the first it seems. Or the tenth. You see according to Mike he had screwed around on me at least 100 times in the five years we had been together. He hadn’t dumped me he said because he felt guilty that he had taken my virginity and that he didn’t figure that I could get along without him. He said that he needed more variety than I could give him and that I should be grateful that he tolerated my sexual short comings. The other girls were how he coped he said.
Now I am out to sleep with 100 men and blog every salacious detail, a true story taken from Lexi's blog!

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