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Chisel Hedgehog Book 1 Search for the Past

92 pages40 minutes


Summary: An awful mistake begins a summer-long crazy, great, and tragic adventure to search for clues to solve a mystery, and pure optimism in spirit and song maintains hope for forgiveness and success.
Chisel’s whole summer will turn out to be one perilous adventure after another, in places like the jungles of Volcano Island, The Haunted Woods, Look Around Mountain, and The Cave of the Tooth.
Chisel will have to develop plans of escape including disguises #1, 2, and 3, use his flying skateboard hot-air-trash-bag-balloon-plane, and create the worst stink bomb recipe in the world to subdue his pursuers. He must overcome his own fear, and despair, always looking on the bright side of life by singing his songs of optimism. Then when all seems lost he must decide whether to follow mysterious images that appear to him.
Each day follow Chisel on the Master Map, listen to the songs he sings, and enjoy the pure “hootbalootin” fun, adventure, and optimism. Then journey with Chisel as he builds the world’s largest tree house (to shoot tomatoes at the Flying Squirrels with his giant sling shot), discover with him how to make gum with amazing flavors like buttered popcorn and pepperoni pizza, and see if he can find the treasure of Pootan’s Forest.
Then envision Chisel saying, “Hope is free, and hope is mine, today I grab it and will not let go! And if anyone has lost it, come see me. I have plenty you can borrow.”
You’ll find all this and more in Chisel Hedgehog’s tragic, but amazing, Crazy Great Summer!
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