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God Wife: A Story of Dreams and Realities

251 pages


God Wife is a novel co-authored by Mani Nepali and based upon his real life. Born and orphaned in a remote village in Nepal, Mani is befriended by Zizibisha, a goddess (or an illusion of one). When his uncles refuse to allow him to go to school, he runs away at the age of six, determined to become educated. Using his intelligence and talent and with the help of sponsors, he climbs to the pinnacle of success as an educator. Along the way, he makes the acquaintance of the legendary leader of Nepal’s democratic movement, B.P. Koirala, is imprisoned by the King’s police and harassed by communist rebels, encounters Yaksha giants in the spirit world, is converted to Christianity in a Sikh temple, and marries beneath his caste the woman he loves. At the center of his life is magical Zizibisha, who inspires and sustains him and literally transports him into the wondrous realities of Nepal’s history, culture, and geography.

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