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Hitchhiker: The party

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What happens behind the doors of the mansion on the hill? A party of the rich and famous where anything goes. A sexy hitchhiker who is not what he seems and beautiful, but oh so normal Annie, who never in her wildest dreams thought she would experience - well, her wildest dreams.

“Ahh, a mystery lady. What’ll ya have?” The voice was booming and somehow familiar.
Buck echoed it. “What would you like, Annie?”
“Um, a Piňa Colada .”
“You heard the lady, and I’ll have a Whiskey on the rocks.”
“Yup, I heard her, Buck. And you know me, whatever a lady wants, I deliver.” She turned to the bartender and gasped, her face reddening behind her mask.
“Now, now, now...” the man said, holding up a hand. “Rule number one my lady, no real names.” She bit her lip, but couldn’t help but be awed. She’d just seen his latest action flick and now here he was, in the flesh – and half naked. At least she thought so, she couldn’t see over the bar top to confirm and right now she suspected the pants were missing as well – and she desperately wanted to look. Then he smiled the smile that melted a million hearts and reached out to take her hand. “I will be your bartender, barkeep, barman or Jake. Feel free to use any or all.” Then his patented and classic eyebrow lift. “I will also be more than glad to serve you in any other way you desire.” He released her hand slowly, drawing his thumb along her palm in a very sensuous move that promised even more than his statement.

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