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Ghost Stories And The Unexplained: Book Two

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What Dark Forces Pace Just Beyond The Grave, Waiting for an Opportunity to Return?

Ghosts and Demons, Orbs and Storms, Coyotes that Howl at a Blood Red Moon. . . HERE is YOUR chance to take a Haunting Peek at The Other Side.

* The Souls of New Orleans - A specter roams the author's French Quarter hotel, rattling door knobs and crying out for the army's Confederate surgeon. In this tale the author travels back to her childhood home of New Orleans, still haunted by the Invasion of 1862.

* An Orb, And Then The Funeral - A son is confronted by his mother's spirited return - from Beyond The Grave - while putting together the slide show that will be played at the next day's funeral.

* Seattle Homes ~ On Seattle Graves - Seattle 1907 was bursting at the seams. Land was needed for new homes on the north side of town. In an eerie cab ride up Greenwood Avenue the author learns of the true, terrifying history of the Seattle neighborhood she calls home.

* Midnight Rhapsody - A chilling set of notes emanating from a child's organ reverberates through a house - a haunted house - as the occupants try to make sense of... The Unexplained.

* Haunted House for Rent: 1969 Seattle - What to do with a home whose specter still haunts the upstairs bedrooms long after a family's tragedy? Why, turn it into a rooming house for college students, of course! Chilling and memorable. It will be a LONG time before you choose to stay home..alone..after dark!

* Isn't She Lovely - A cherished grandfather returns from his freshly dug grave for one final peek at a beautiful legacy. Poignant, tearful, and haunting.

* Ode to Midnight - a Verse, a Cry ...from those on... The Other Side.

Are YOU a Fan of Alfred Hitchcock? Patricia Highsmith? Then Emily Hill's Ghost Stories will have JUST the 'After Dark' GRAB that You're Hoping for!

A Haunting Read of TRUE ACCOUNTS of Supernatural Occurrences!

SOPHISTICATED in the Telling! . . .SORROWFUL in the Realization . . . That The Departed So OFTEN Wander The Other Side SEEKING a WAY TO RETURN to Us!

Startling Suspense!

Why?? Because THESE stories are based on ACTUAL OCCURRENCES of The Dead Returning from... Beyond The Grave!

You KNOW it Happens! Now READ the Accounts!!

GHOST STORIES. . . That Will Stay With You. . . for . . .AN ETERNITY!

So. . . Grab YOUR COPY . . .Now!

14200 words!

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