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The Stapleton 2013 Gay Guide to South Beach

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The Stapleton Guide is a comprehensive travel guide to South Beach, focusing on the interests of gays and lesbians.

Lodgings-- restaurants -- attractions -- shopping -- nightlife, updated several times a year in ebook form and a printed version. Though slanted toward the gay world, the Guide is quite comprehensive, covering all other aspects of South Beach of interest to anyone.

"This short and to-the-point guide covered everything we needed to know about gay South Beach." --Wendy H., Selma, Alabama, online review

"Since there are only a handful of 'gay' bars on SoBe, it was nice that this book included a lot of mixed places where everybody is welcome." -- John V., Atlanta, online reviewer

"There are 2 Miami books put out by Stapleton, one for 'SOUTH BEACH' and one called MIAMI & SOUTH BEACH.' (Both are the same price.) If you're not planning on spending any time in Miami, don't waste time on the Miami book. The 'MIAMI' book has everything that's in the 'SOUTH BEACH' book. It's just the 'SOUTH BEACH' book is easier to scroll through on my iPad." - Samuel J., Brooklyn, online reviewer

OTHER STAPLETON GUIDES ARE PUBLISHED FOR: South Beach (South Beach only) Miami & South Beach (South Beach & Greater Miami) Las Vegas Key West & the Florida Keys Walt Disney World & Orlando San Francisco Fort Lauderdale

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