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Jimi Fox is a struggling musician. He has one passion other then his electric guitar, his love for Rita May. That love nearly destroys him and it’s Jon Goreé who befriends Jimi He’s a genius guitarist waiting to be discovered until Goreé gives him the lead opposite Rita May in his next picture.

Rita, Jimi Fox, Jon Goreé all shared the same boarding house at the start of their careers. Rita toys with Jimi’s affection and betrays him for Jon Goreé.

“I wouldn’t sleep with you if you were last woman on earth!” Rita’s gown slips off her shoulder and down around her ankles. She whispers, “How come I don’t believe you.”

Jon Goreé sister, Evonne, is believed to be under a demonic, family curse. Although they are not twins, if one cuts a finger, the other one gets the same cut simultaneously. Their story takes us from a Arkansas sharecropping community to the Harlem slums and to Hollywood.

Goreé starts shooting his picture and bizarre, mysterious forces appear to be against it completion. His sister is abducted as part of an assassination plot against him. The FBI tracks Goreé, suspicious of his corporate raider deals. It all comes together in a “Hitchcock” denouement.

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