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A Flash in the Pan?

70 pages55 minutes


Ever wonder why aliens don't visit Earth? Or what coffee a demon likes to drink? Or how bureaucracy could really screw up a grand space adventure? A Flash in the Pan? is a collection of speculative flash fiction and short stories that answers these questions and more.

The collection includes the following speculative fiction stories:

- Beware Antipodean Shores (50 words)
- Shipwrecked (500 words)
- The Gloriously Cunning Plan (500 words)
- Make Mine a Macchiato (500 words)
- Striking Twice (500 words)
- In the Service of the Public (500 words)
- The Devil Wears Ugly Shapeless Garments Covered in Dog Hair (500 words)
- The Regersek Zone (500 words)
- Hindsight is a Bitch (50 words)
- Authentic Empathy (500 words)
- Wefting the Warp (4,300 words)
- Showdown (5,100 words)

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