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He lived and died six thousand years ago, a tribesman in ancient Africa. Since then his spirit has been in the afterlife -- Lightland -- dwelling peacefully with his family and people. Here on present-day earth, scientists are desperately working to find a cure for a deadly virus that is threatening all life. When a remarkable mummy is unearthed and found to be immune to the virus, researchers extract the DNA and use it to create a clone. In that instant, he disappears from Lightland. One moment he is with his family in the afterlife, the next he is a bawling newborn on earth, held high by proud doctors. He has no recollection of his past or his true identity, but as he grows, memories of his former life begin to return. Before long, he realizes what he has lost and what he must do: some how, some way, he must find a way back to his family in Lightland. He is joined on his quest by two skeptical scientists who are compelled by haunting dreams -- and against their own better judgment -- to believe in the existence of the soul. They are pursued by those who see him as mankind’s last hope, and those who help him as traitors; ruthless people who will stop at nothing to prevent his return to Lightland. His name is K’tanu and he has two pasts, but only one future.

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