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Midnight Blessings

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Just when your life seems at its darkest remember, God also performs...
With strong, uplifting themes of family and faith, Midnight Blessings is the story of Whitney and Judah, two Christians drawn together by God and a desire to raise Whitney’s “adopted” son, Joseph, after he is abandoned by his biological mother and ignored by his father.
After promising to babysit her godson, Whitney Cole is shocked to find herself at a crossroads, when she realizes that the child’s mother has no intention of returning for him. Unwilling to allow her beloved godson to be passed around from home to home Whitney is determined to go to college and raise him on her own.
That is until she meets the very determined and very handsome Judah McKee, who will stop at nothing to win Whitney and little Joseph’s hearts. Believing they have found the love of a lifetime and the family they both have dreamed of, they are dismayed when Whitney discovers she may be infertile and is terrified when little Joseph’s mother suddenly appears demanding her child be returned.
As this family struggle to shoulder the anguish of infertility, and the agony of possibly having the child they have been raising for years ripped away from them; Whitney and Judah have to band together in love, and trust that God will make a way and heal their family.

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