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How to Spot Early Drug Abuse in Teens: Get Your Teen Back From Drug Addiction

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This book was written for parents to give them in depth look at how they can prevent their teens from drug substance abuse and why teenagers turn to drugs. Arm yourself with the knowledge to prepare for the welfare of your child to better understand drug addiction and how it can adversely affect so many lives. If your worried about your teenagers involvement in harmful drugs, alcohol, and other chemicals, this is the book you need to empower yourself in educating your teens against the war on drug abuse.

With categories on every facet of teenage related issue's, that deal with every aspect of how addiction's of every kind manifests in the brain; stages of chemical dependencies, warning signs of addiction, certain personality traits of a genetic disorder, how to set up intervention, detailed classification of drugs, signs and symptoms of drug use, and most importantly what you can do to reverse the damage created from drug substance abuse.

This book answers questions on every parents mind that deals with drug substance abuse in teens, in a natural healthy way, without resorting to prescription drugs. Some of the questions are:

How drugs “rewire” the brain
How certain personality traits are prone to addiction
How to prevent drug addiction from occurring
How to prevent relapses from occurring
How drug addiction manifests in the brain
How to prevent cravings from drug addiction
What you can do to restore an addicted personalty
How to treat teenage depression, anxieties, and mood disorders

As a Father and Holistic Health Practitioner, I have compiled years of research and study in dealing with everyday emotional issue's from stress disorders, anxieties, mood and behavioral problems, and the mental aspects of the human brain that can lead to a destructive way of life in searching for relief from our manifestations
of stress, that often lead to substance abuse.

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