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Changing Direction

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Bazi visits her parents’ home and is given disturbing news. Her father does not want her pursuing the matter, but she feels that she needs to, and does so, behind his back. She and her lover quarrel, and separate as soon as they return to their home.

Bazi does not want the break up, and stays in bed, miserable. Once she gets out of bed, she decides to look for her lover. The search yields results that she does not like.

She returns to work, but she is not allowed on the premises, because she is being investigated for criminal activities.

She goes to visit her mother, and when she returns, she thinks better. The charges against her are dropped, and she returns to work.

Her lover visits her out of the blue, and they decide to talk. They agree to try again, but in a month, as Bazi has to go out of the country. When she returns, her lover surprises her.

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