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Covenant of the Cauldron

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The year is 1692 and Salem Village is in turmoil as allegations of witchcraft rage through the community. War with the French and Indians is encroaching. Several have already been accused of witchcraft and the lives of everyone will be changed forever.

For one small group of settlers these allegations are particularly dangerous, because they carry with them an ancient secret that, if discovered, would mean their death. For the Danann's practice Ancient Arts that few understand. In this strange new land they hope to carry these forward.

Only news from the Royal Court can provide the means for their escape; but what they do not know is that a notorious Witchfinder bent on destruction and driven by greed knows their plans.

In a tale of intrigue, mystery and magic based on historical facts and real events this novel weaves a spell that casts a shadow on generations to come. One woman stands as Banriona, Queen of the Witches, and sacrifices all!

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