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League of Super Heroes: Rise of the Villain (#1) (Party Game Society Hit Party Game)

24 pages13 minutes


The League of Super Heroes HQ is under attack! A Super Hero went missing last night. Looks like someone is out for blood... someone is killing heroes... but who!? Who amongst you has turned from Super Hero to Super Villain?

It’s time to suit up and take control of this evil once and for all. The fate of the world is at stake. Will the good guys be victorious in sniffing out the tyrants? Or will the evil Super Villains secret pact be the end of world peace?

Will you become the Mastermind leading a team of villains seeking world domination? Will you use your powers as the Invisible Man and find out who amongst you has turned evil? Or will you fight for good as Explosion Man and go out with a BANG!? Or will you become one of the other many heroes and villains available in the League of Super Heroes as you battle for supremacy?

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