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A Kind of Drug

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The first Addicts used Rapture. Then came Lust. Later there was Delirium. These, among many others, were the finest & purest drugs that mankind had ever known.

But not just drugs. Words. A written language that served as the most addictive narcotic to anyone who read the strange, Moroccan symbols. But soon, people found that the addictive behavior became permanent. Acceleration Addicts never slowed down again. Wrath Addicts became mindless, savage beasts. And those who read Mythmaker, well......

But before anyone knew what was happening, Despair swept through and infected the world with a Word so horrible, no one ever made it to their second dose. Three people watched from a remote lake house as billions and billions of people committed suicide all from just reading a tiny scrap of paper.

And then things got worse.

Drunk and alone, the last Sober man on earth has set sail for Morocco to try and make sense of it all. Equal parts vulgar and hilarious, this is his story of Words and of what they mean for humanity.

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