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Sagitarius: Part 2 A Ray of Hope

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The Centaur are at war with Man in their homeland of Ulusia. The Centaur allowed them into their country and the immigrants turned on them with the help of their allies from Latenia.

Sagitarius and his team have swelled in rank to contain the survivors of Mandrasata - a town razed to the ground and those Prisoners Sagitarius had busted out of Mt Orc's dungeons.

At the end of Book1, Paul, Peter's brother is lost due to friendly fire as they encountered troops from Hifle (a city north of Mt Orc).

Hot on their heels is Cable, the leader of the Brown Company - an elite Death Squad - who has inherited Lord Steven's command as he died in Mt Orc facing a Salamander. He is bent with killing Sagitarius and it takes them to Hifle.

Meanwhile in Ulus, the Resistance and Halas guild are tied closer together due to the large contraband trade they execute. The halas guild hoped to separate themselves from choosing a side, just wishes to make money from war, but suddenly they are faced with making a decsion - to choose a side. Who will they go with?

And in Nookim, the grand siege is underway. The largest city in Ulusia, that is defiant against the Alliance (Ulusian + Latenan) Army's incursions.

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