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A Simple Guide to Childhood Infectious Diseases

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Childhood Infectious Diseases are common infectious diseases caught and spread by children but can also occur in adults.

With a childhood vaccination regime, many of these infectious diseases common in the past are now rare.

Common infectious diseases in children in the past are:

1. Measles

2. Rubella

3. Mumps

4. Diphtheria

5. Croup

6. Pertussis

7. Poliomyelitis

8. Chickenpox

9. Hand Mouth Foot Disease

10. Roseola Infantum

11. Scarlet Fever

12. Erythema Infectiosum or Fifth Disease

All these diseases are rare now-a-days because of vaccination except for Hand Mouth Foot Disease, Roseola Infantum, Fifth Disease and Scarlet Fever (which recently makes a comeback as a epidemic in Hong Kong)

Some of the diseases like measles, rubella and poliomyelitis are also making a comeback.


Chapter 1 Childhood Infectious Diseases

Chapter 2 Measles

Chapter 3 Rubella

Chapter 4 Mumps

Chapter 5 Diphtheria

Chapter 6 Croup

Chapter 7 Pertussis

Chapter 8 Poliomyelitis

Chapter 9 Chickenpox

Chapter 10 Hand Mouth Foot Disease


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