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A House For Eliza: The Real Story of the Cajuns

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What is the real story of the Cajuns? This fascinating novel goes beyond the stereotypes given the Cajuns by today’s media, and tells the true story of a Cajun family in Lafayette, Louisiana, at the turn of the 19th century. Through the eyes of Eliza Landry, you will see what it was like to live on a fine plantation in the late 1800s, and raise a family of seventeen children during two World Wars and the Great Depression. It was at this time that love of God and faith in one another formed the fabric of the Cajun culture that is alive today, despite all the trials and tribulations of the rest of the world.

“A House For Eliza is a touching story told well. It brought a chuckle here, a tear there... It is the story of a sturdy, self-reliant people who did indeed live by the simple values depicted in the lives of Oscar and Eliza Landry. ”
—Jim H. Bradshaw, Journalist, who has observed and written about the culture and history of south Louisiana for more than fifty years

“Because this time period is an increasingly dim and fading part of the community’s popular memory, works like A House For Eliza provide critical insights into daily life during the period, and provide important reminders that this era was a crucial formative period for Cajun history.”
—Carl A. Brasseaux, Author of Acadian To Cajun: Transformation Of A People; and former Director of the Center for Louisiana Studies, the Center for Cultural and Eco-Tourism, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press, and the Managing Editor of Louisiana History

“A House For Eliza depicts the Cajuns as a group of hard-working, religious people determined to survive after being deported from Canada over 200 years ago. If you enjoy a book that brings the personalities, conflicts, joys and sorrows of a group of unique and often misunderstood Cajun people to every page, this book is for you.”
—John Breaux, Former United States Congressman and Senator from Louisiana

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