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Elijah And The Family

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As Christians, we believe that we are in the closing minutes of The Last Days. This book enlightens and explains what and how we should prepare for that which is at our doors. Jesus Christ died for us and through his Atonement, we can live with him again. Elijah has a very unique mission in helping to prepare families, to exist after death as family units. Family unity in Eternity. The book covers Jehovah of the Old Testament and His relationship with Israel and the 12 Tribes. It contribues to our understanding of God's relationship with His children, past, present and future. It suggests how we can prepare spiritually to improve our relationship with God and His Son, Jesus Christ and gives us hope and better understanding of our future.

The book is not for everyone as we live in a day of doubters and the negative and bearers of false witness and haters of those who do good.

We need to turn the tide away from wickeness and return to God and His commandments.

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