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Rosemilk Part Two

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Rose has settled into her routine as a milk slave on the Farm. She has become a source of amusement and nourishment for some of the guests, but Steffie, the severe trainer who has no interest in a girl brought to the Farm just for her breast milk, takes it upon herself to put Rose through some of her most intense schooling ever. Rose vows to not let Steffie break her.

Part two of the three part series.

This is a 20,000 word novelette intended for adult audiences.

Content warning: This story features graphic sex, group sex, lesbian sex, erotic lactation, and other depictions of adult sexuality. Strong language and adult only content.

Kim called for attention and made a short announcement. “Next to our traditional bar we have the Farm’s newest slave, Rose, who is providing fresh breast milk to those who would like to try it directly from the source. Our bartender Ashe is also ready to serve specialty drinks made with Rose’s milk that we harvested from her earlier. Enjoy!” There was a small round of cheers as the party started.

Rose’s face flamed red. Was she merely to be part of the drink dispensing part of the party? She wasn’t even being used as a waitress; she was nothing but a cow.

“How hard do you need to suck to get her milk?” a tall bald man asked Ashe the bartender.

“I’m told she’s an easy milker. Maybe a little bit harder than if you were drinking from a straw. It’s always a bit difficult to get breast milk flowing, once it starts though, it comes easy.”

The bald man reached out and ran a finger up and down Rose’s left breast. She didn’t flinch away, but she felt terribly exposed and worthless. “They’re warm and heavy,” he commented. There was more than just common lust in his eyes. He was the sort of man who liked to try a different fetish every once in a while to see if it was something he wanted to add to his repertoire.

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