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Snagging a Badge; the real Guide to Becoming a Police Officer

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‘Many will apply, but few will succeed.’ This unfortunately characterizes the state of hiring in Law Enforcement.

Following on the success of his first book, author Shawn Hughes rips back the covers on the Law Enforcement profession and the convoluted hiring process that goes with it.

Drawing on his past, and discussions with others across the country, he provides an unblinking look at the arduous process a prospective candidate can look forward to, and how to get through it. His unvarnished, adult, in-your-face writing style is sure to offend some, and make the sheltered and coddled uncomfortable; but he feels that anyone considering this career path should be given the truth; presented without any effort to soften or disguise.

Readers who are angling for a new job as a local Law Enforcement Officer will be rattled but walk away with a better, more grounded view of the path before them. Ones who simply want to hear how it really is as if they were riding in the right seat of Sergeant Hughes’ cruiser will get it - with both barrels. It may be ugly, it may be hard to hear; but it is how it is.

Caution – contains strong language and adult themes; reader discretion is advised.

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