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Good People

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In the mid-1980s, "Rolling Stone" proclaims comedy "the rock and roll of the Eighties," inspiring Rex Black, owner of the Upper East Side dive that is New York's hottest comedy club, to sell stock and brand the zeitgeist for his own!

Rex scouts new clients, builds new clubs, recruits Wall Street titan Siggy Brewster to handle an IPO, appeases his Mafioso landlord (without paying the rent), pitches private placements in Tuxedo Park and plays chicken with Madonna in a Central Park running lane. His wife Perri helps Rex chase his dreams, as do Ashley, his blue-blooded club booker; his assistant, Michael, and Michael's partner, bar manager Conor; and irrepressible Joey (A&R, for the empire's music side). Circling them, her fin hardly breaking the waves, sniffing for the blood she senses will soon dye the water—desperate for her break—is comedian Rosetta Stone.

Fast and funny, incisive and heartfelt, "Good People"--written by a former comedy insider--plumbs the American appetite to sum up an era of greed and surreal ambition. "A crackling good read, a satirical foray into the comedy club boom and go-go business culture of the ’80s." —Toronto Post City Magazines

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