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SULPYCO Method: A New Quantum and Integrative Approach to Depression

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Dr Maja Roje Novak is a neurologist and an independent researcher from Croatia. The SULPYCO method is her innovation in the domain of depressive disorder treatment. It is a subcutaneous injection consisting of two components. One is a chemical drug – a classical neuroleptic, low dosed sulpiride – and the other is a liquid homeopathic OTC substance. This hybrid drug shows a much better clinical outcome than sulpiride alone, based on observational study by the author.

This book provides you with important information about depression, conventional antidepressant medication, homeopathy, integrated medicine, and principles of quantum physics and quantum medicine. A detailed description of the SULPYCO method and its protocol is given, along with precise instructions for how to prepare a SULPYCO mixed drug in clinical settings. The author also provides her own personal clinical experiences. All of this information is very clearly explained and ready to use. The book is valuable for medical doctors, patients, and any others interested in innovative treatment of depression.

The SULPYCO method can revolutionize today’s antidepressant therapy and opens a whole new space of allohomeopathic hybrid drugs that combine chemical and homeopathic substances to create a new pharmacological potential by blending different paradigms.

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