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Lustful Cravings, Naughty Cuckold Twins Bundle

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Leah owns a successful advertising agency and boosts her productivity by lots of dirty sex at work. From a cowboy to a colleague to a young assistant, Leah knows how to dominate a man and how to instruct them to please her. And once her long work days are over, she heads home to be a good wife to her husband.
Lizzie, a horny housewife, is just as bad as her promiscuous twin sister. While her husband is hard at work, she's busy pleasing the cable man, the UPS man, and a stay-at-home dad, to name a few. While her twin likes to dominate men, Lizzie likes to be dominated. Giving herself over, she lets the men spank her and her order her around. Being a housewife is a dirty, dirty job

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