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Self-Discipline Your Way To Successful Living (Being the Best Person You Can Be)

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The Secret to Happiness Is In Your Hands
Self-Discipline Your Way To Success

Are you bogged down by your life? Can you clearly define what purpose you have in this world? You try to find it, but you can't just keep it up. Why?

You need self-discipline. One of the pillars to achieving and maintaining a life of success, self-discipline is an indication of growth and prosperity of mind. Get up in the morning with a purpose to your day and a spring to your step. It does not matter that nothing has changed outside–the change first happens within you.

Find the importance of a self-disciplined mind and body, what it can do to you and to your family, and what mindset will gear you to your self-discipline regimen. Love yourself and love life; start on a self-discipline path and your inner strength will reward you with so much more than you can ever imagine.

Happiness, peace of mind, self-esteem, and a love of life... creativity, freedom, and success... all within reach. Self-discipline your way to the best you can be. Now.

Secrets you'll find inside:
Meaning of self-discipline; its difference from discipline. You'd want to know this right away.
How self-disciplined are you? Guide to know how self-disciplined you are–or if you even are.
Celebs who found success through awesome talent–and who'd made it out of the rut through self-discipline.
What the wise say about self-discipline.
Guide on how to achieve the right kind of mindset to effectively discipline yourself.
History of self-disciplining techniques used in study, and the surprising outcome to successful subjects in their adult lives.
How self-discipline can put order to your life, from the simple and mundane everyday thingies to the most important aspects of your career.
How you can turn your life around as soon as possible once you read our regimen to self-disciplining yourself to a successful life. And much more!
This eBook is packed with all the important info you'll need without fillers and fluff. Imagine that something that could affect your life in profound ways can fit into a lunch break of enjoyable reading! With positive quotes, affirmations, prayers and mantras that can ease you through your new, self-disciplined day.

Finally, get answers to your questions like:
"How can I be the best person I can be?"
"How can I make success happen to my life?"
"How can I live a life of freedom without sacrificing, but instead, affirming my principles?"
"How can I be happy and peaceful inside in spite of the hardships in times?"
"How can I perform my roles in life and be the best influence to my colleagues, friends, and family?"
"How can I reach my goals in life and have time to have a few new goals more?"

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