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The Luck of the Irish

56 pages50 minutes


Middle-of-the-night intrigue and covert operations between two competing adversaries working for opposing medieval intelligence services. Is Yancy DeClancy really the inept and bumbling fool of the Duke of Wentworth or is he secretly the luckiest, most cunning and devious of all the Duke's special agents? And what about the girl? Is she really just a hapless barmaid, or is she another skilled adversary out to put her dagger through Yancy's unsuspecting ribs?

Frolic through a nocturnal frenzy of action and confusion with special agent Yancy DeClancy as he tries to unravel the confusing trail of intrigue leading from the failed attempt to assassinate the Duke to an army of knives aimed at his own heart. This story has more twists and turns than a freeway interchange! A novelette-length short fiction adventure in a medieval setting, the only magic here is the almost magical luck of the Irish-descended Yancy DeClancy.

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