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Blood of the Dragon

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The third book in the epic fantasy series "The Chronicles of the Last Elder Lord."

The history of Sha'azharet'th, last Elder Lord of Ard'dr, Master of Ta'arim, cursed by the gods to labor in the flesh for a thousand years.

Book Three details the final years of the life of Sha'azharet'th, told through six interlocking tales of adventure: of Loralys, the daughter of Yl'thaia, who founded the temple of the Lady of Light; of Allayne, a witch of Chalchis with an insatiable craving for the Master's power; of Eltiron, a young prince of Koth hell-bent on saving a kidnapped princess; of the Master's trials and triumphs in Schar'ran Vel; of Jarisande, a follower of the Lady of Light, hired to exterminate an evil cult; and of Talithyn, commanded by the Lady of Light to seek out and destroy the last Elder Lord of Ard'dr.

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