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Annie of the Undead

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A fresh new voice in supernatural fiction, Varian Wolf pays homage to the genre without succumbing to its stereotypes. Her debut novel is as hilarious as it is thoughtful, as intense as it is irreverent. Annie of the Undead is a powerful opener to an edgy new series.

“Angry” Annie Eastwood is a hard-knock boxer who’s spent more time behind bars than inside the ropes, but it turns out that is exactly the kind of girl Vampire Miguel needs. When he plucks her off the frigid streets of wintery Detroit and whisks her away to steamy old New Orleans, not even the fearsome undead prowling the city’s streets are ready for her.
Hunted by witches, Miguel takes Annie on the run. They hole up in –of all places, a bed and breakfast with a blue FEMA tarp on its roof and a man who regularly runs naked up and down the street. Despite her hard-earned mistrust of pretty much everybody she’s ever known, she finds herself charmed by the come-as-you-are attitude of New Orleans’ residents. Once a loner skirting the fringes of society, she discovers that for the first time she longs to be part of the world, even as the beguiling Vampire Miguel would draw her away from it.
A couple years out from Hurricane Katrina, the city and its people are still covered with scars, but worse trouble is stirring in the city. A supernatural storm is brewing, and Annie and her vampire are about to be caught in the middle of it.

Book 1 in series.

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