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The Beginning of the Middle of the End of the Beginning

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Sometimes life takes unexpected twists and presents you with situations you’re not prepared for. You have no choice but to deal with them. That is the story of my family.

Some may know my blog, “Dad the Single Guy.” Most probably do not. “Dad the Single Guy” is the story of my life as a single parent of two great girls and sometimes how we get through the day-to-day, sometimes how we face adversity and sometimes how we overcome life’s obstacles.

My therapist (who is referenced throughout my blog and in this book) often tells me that people put into my position don't always react as I did. Sometimes they just shut down. These are the people who don't face the challenge. They turn away from life. That's not my makeup. I took on (and take on) the challenge head-on and try to do my best every day to make tomorrow better than today.

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