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Before Dawn Book 3: The Dead of Night

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Lobo Cliff, Florida - a small town like most others all over the United States, except for the secret in the forest surrounding it. The Lobo Cliff woods are home to a predator, a killer that won’t quit unless he can be stopped either by authorities, hunters... or another of its kind. It stalks silently and has the entire town gripped in fear, except for four school friends who not only know its secret, but they also share something in common that only a select few of the townsfolk know; they share the bloodline... the blood of a werewolf runs through their veins. When the peaceful town is put in a panic with the savage-like killings in the woods, the kids take action, knowing full well that tonight could be their last night... in the woods of Lobo Cliff. But it has to be stopped tonight, tonight in the dead of night.

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