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I am I: The In-Dweller of Your Heart (Part 2)

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You and I are ‘one’ ... just like a wave, which cannot be separated or ever divided from the ocean called Love. Of this, there can be no doubt, but should you require additional proof, where can you find the answers that you seek?

Please understand, these further lessons of spiritual guidance and education aim to keep your journey of your soul right on track. The carriages of fear, attachment and false desire, will be uncoupled from your Divine essence, drifting back into shadow through your own self–realization.

Together, with an open heart, your life will illuminate and radiate the message of hope and truth, leaving a legacy of fulfilled wishes, beautiful memories and an eternal echo beyond time and space. From this point of your life, you can go full steam ahead, knowing that your love and light lies eternally within God’s heart, and is forever sustained within his name.

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