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The Magic Lighthouse

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When 13-year-old Sam Winslow, his younger sister Harry (Harriet Jennifer Marie), and their 12-year-old cousin Henry see a light shining in the abandoned Cedar Bay lighthouse on the southern shore of Lake Erie, they find themselves drawn into adventure in another world. Their old friend the Bo’sun, a security guard where Sam’s dad works, is known as the Peregrine in this world. Here, the pirate Krakor Shark-striker has made a pact with the Demon god and the forces of good are under siege. A prophecy has foretold the coming of three in response to the evil unleashed by the pirate. Sam is sure that a mistake has been made. After all, he’s just a nobody in the eighth grade. How’s he going to help save a world? But when all paths seem to lead straight to Krakor Shark-striker and his ship, ‘The Black Despoiler,’ Sam discovers that you don’t have to have magical powers to find courage and strength within yourself.

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