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Athaliah, Daughter Of Jezebel

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A whole ancient historical era is depicted in this novel. Religious or not –anyone who dislikes any kind of dictatorship - will like to read my book.
Plot: Athaliah, who is Jezebel’s daughter, marries the king of Judea, (North Israel neighbor from the south). She hates her husband, the king, who is king David’s offspring, because that king was faithful to God, - and she hates God, who “caused the killing of my family”...One day Athaliah receives a message that her son, who has become Judea’s king, is killed in a battle. Three Judean officers, among them Army Chief Abner- who have been rescued from the battle, tell her that the rebel Jehu was the man who killed her son, (as well as her brother and mother Jezebel)- and now this rebel intends to conquer the small kingdom of Judea... The officers suggest to crown immediately a new king in Judea, in order to unite the people to stand against killer Jehu, now king of Northern Israel. Athaliah refuses to listen, having a selfish wish to be herself the ruler. To her help comes an Ex-Priest of God –Mathan- who reveals to the officers that their comrade, the claimant to the crown, is a bastard, not fit for being a king!.. Athaliah & Mathan make a deal: He will kill for her almost all the remaining offspring-s of king David, (Judean dynasty’s forefather). As a reward - she will nominate Mathan to be high Priest of Baal Idol, as Athaliah herself is a pagan. However, the high Priest of God in Jerusalem’s Temple- Yehoyada, and his wife Yehosheva-( she is Athaliah’s daughter), struggle against the new ruler, Athaliah. The high priest of God soon hides the son of the late king, putting him and his milk-nurse, Nefertita, in a cave. After Athaliah succeeds to deter Jehu- she becomes a tyrant, who fight against God Belivers in her 'Queendom'.
In the sixth year of Athaliah’s regime - the public sacrifices in God’s Temple are stopped by her wicked decrees; though she still allows the high priest to teach there Torah- the holy Scriptures- to God Believers. Among his pupils are: his seven years old son, Zakharia, and his friend- a boy named Elyakim, who is said to be a foundling orphan...One day Athaliah comes to visit the Holy Temple, to beg the priests’ help: She suffers from insomnia and nightmares. As she is looking around- she sees the boy Elyakim, who is really her grandson, now aged seven. Answering her questions, he becomes very afraid of her. She “falls in Love” with him, and would like to adopt and educate him. Yehoyada and his wife oppose that idea, of course: The boy is their last hope for renewing king David’s Dynasty rule in Judea! Athaliah threatens Yehoyada to burn the Temple, if he does not hand her the boy. (she is prevented from knowing his true identity). Mathan is filled with fears, understanding that the Queen’s madness will bring the end of her regime. And that really happens: Commander Abner - an ardent God Believer, organizes the rebellion against the mad woman ruler, and succeeds... Athaliah comes into the Temple, and admits before many celebrating people: “King David, you have won.” She is killed, and Elyakim- her only grandson, the rescued baby - is crowned to be the new king of Judea.
There are other interesting characters in that novel, like Prophet Joseph- Nefertita’s sweetheart, prophet Elisha - and his leper young servant Gehazi, and his amazing lover and wife Bat Gad, who escapes from him and becomes Athaliah’s whore-spy— against her internal enemies, the priests and prophets of God....

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