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IT’S 1862! Oregon just passed the Homestead Act giving free land to homesteaders. The John Tibbs Wagon Train departs in 10 days! Folks say Tibb’s is the best for bringing trains through safe. Make sure you have a man to drive because women won’t be accepted by themselves. That’s one of John’s rules and he don’t take no discussion on that. Tibbs is the wagon master Jake Hanley and Patrick O’Brien want,except Jake can’t decide if he should tell John their third passenger is a very young woman. He's heard John don’t feel comfortable with that either. Ceritha O’Brien, Patrick's sister has had her life torn apart by the death of her Ma and Pa just three weeks past. She feels pulled from childhood and hurled into womanhood. She and Ma hadn’t even talked about that much. Society's rules say seventeen is an adult woman. Trouble is, being called an adult and really being one are quite different. Ceritha needs a plan to mature fast.

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