Popular authors and experts in the field of Deliberate Practice, such as Dan Coyle, Matthew Syed, Gladwell and Ander Ericcson often discuss the importance of games in the development of skill and its role in enhancing neuromuscular ability. Athletes are taught to drill slowly, to break their movements into chunks (what many BJJ'ers are now calling micro-drilling) and to repeat movements thousands of times.

Yet, these types of high intensity practices can only be done for so long and can lead to burnout. Regular practice sessions can also be daunting as the cycle of warm-ups, drills and rolling at the end can make one training day seem exactly like the last.

That's why games are important. When structured correctly they reinforce the skills needed to succeed, keep the grapplers' minds off of the monotony of training and keep them engaged and interested. -

As a grappler (Judo, No Gi and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), I have spent over a decade learning, observing and participating in submission wrestling. "Grappling Games" contain the games that I’ve been a part of where learning was fun and felt like play. -

I hope you have as much fun with these grappling games as I do. -

Grappling Games:

-Easy to read format
-Does not have to be read in order
-Games can be altered for individual preference
-Easy to apply in class or group training

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