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See Me With My Soul Divided

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The cease-fire is about to end.

The so-called ‘Eden-seekers’ are on the point of resuming their war with the Union States in their bid to expand the territory run according to their own religious beliefs. The Union States need all the help they can get, and try to form an alliance with their alien neighbours, known as Freelanders, when the Eden-seekers also start to invade Freelander city-states. They use their rescue of Reever, kidnapped ruler of Sickle Bush city-state, to force an agreement between their two states, and Resistance leader Hester Longfellow is sent to Sickle Bush to act as an adviser and liaison officer.

All she has to do is get the alliance up and running, and then somehow keep it alive long enough to have an effect on the course of the war.

But Reever is a newly appointed Twentyman with few allies amongst the other rulers of the Freelander city-states, and he has his own battles to fight.

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